Royal Caribbean 2023: New Destinations and Experiences

Royal Caribbean 2023: New Destinations and Experiences

Compare 2023 Cruises Around the World from Royal Caribbean and enjoy Cruises on one of 28 luxury ships.

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Some cruise lines focus on the destinations they visit, with their ships offering a comfortable base for exploration. At Royal Caribbean International, the ship is a destination, packed with options for food, drink, play, entertainment, relaxation and enrichment.

The line’s 25-strong fleet includes the largest cruise ship in the world – and five others that formerly held the title

The current record-holder is Wonder of the Seas, which debuted in 2022. Carrying up to 7,000 passengers and 2,200 crew members, the world’s largest cruise ship made a big splash with features including 18 decks, eight distinct ‘neighbourhoods,’ the tallest waterslide at sea, more than 20 dining options, multiple entertainment venues and much more.

If you love the mega-resorts of the Caribbean or Las Vegas, you’re sure to love a Royal Caribbean cruise. You can do as much as you want, or as little as possible, settling in by the resort-style top-deck pools with a cold drink nearby.

Royal Caribbean: Where The Ship Is The Destination

World Class Cruise Dining
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World Class Cruise Dining

Royal Caribbean offers one of the most exceptional collections of dining options at sea, catering to all your cravings and taste preferences.

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