Northern Europe and The Baltics

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Northern Europe and the Baltics

Cruises to Northern Europe and the Baltics offer an incredible opportunity to discover stunning scenery, historic buildings, and diverse cultures. With options for Baltic Sea cruise itineraries and Northern Europe cruises, passengers can explore the region's top port cities such as Copenhagen, Tallinn, Amsterdam, and Oslo while sailing onboard a luxurious cruise ship like Celebrity Silhouette or Celebrity Apex. The region is home to many natural wonders, including the stunning Norwegian fjords and snow-capped mountains, making a Scandinavia cruise an unforgettable experience.

Passengers can explore UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Viking Ship Museum, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and the Royal Palace, as well as charming medieval architecture and cobblestone streets in old towns like Gamla Stan. Excursions to the Tivoli Gardens, Holmenkollen Ski Jump, and the Oslo Opera House are some of the many activities available for those who want to discover the hidden gems of the region. Additionally, those cruising to Northern Europe can experience the midnight sun or the stunning displays of the Northern Lights in the winter. With overnight stays and Wi-Fi available on most cruises, passengers can make the most of their time exploring the beautiful cities and local communities of Scandinavia while enjoying Nordic cuisine and experiencing the local currencies like the Norwegian Krone or Swedish Krona.


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