Boston Cruises

Looking for an exciting and unforgettable excursion on the East Coast?

Look no further than a cruise from Boston! This bustling city offers a variety of attractions and activities for all ages, from historic landmarks and world-class museums to trendy neighbourhoods and diverse dining options.

Here are just a few reasons why you should add a visit to Boston to your cruise itinerary in 2023:

Historic landmarks: Boston cruise port is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in American history. From the Freedom Trail and the USS Constitution Museum to Fenway Park and Harvard University, there's no shortage of places to visit and learn about the city's rich past.  You can learn lots about the famous Boston tea party!

The cuisine: Boston is known for its seafood, but the city also boasts a thriving culinary scene with an abundance of restaurants and cafes offering everything from classic New England fare to international cuisine.  Make sure you try the lobster on your shore excursions.

The natural beauty: A cruise to Boston provides breathtaking views of the city's picturesque harbour and skyline. You can also take a stroll in the Boston Public Garden or visit nearby parks and beaches to experience the region's natural beauty.

The culture: Boston is a vibrant and diverse city, home to a thriving arts scene, music festivals, and cultural events throughout the year. You can explore the city's many museums, galleries, and theatres to experience the unique culture of Boston. Maybe you will run into Paul Revere!  Make sure to try some local baked beans or chowder while you are there,  often there is a shuttle that can take you from the cruise terminal at Bostons harbour to many famous Bosten locations.  If not you can always get a taxi.

The adventure: From sightseeing and whale watching to hiking and biking, there's no shortage of outdoor adventures to be had in and around Boston. You can also visit nearby towns and attractions such as Salem, Martha's Vineyard, and Cape Cod to experience even more of New England's natural beauty and history.

Don't miss out on the chance to explore the rich history, culture, and natural beauty of Boston on a cruise. Book your trip today and create memories that will last a lifetime on an East Coast adventure.

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