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Cruises Without Passport: Planning Your Closed Loop Cruise

Imagine embarking on a fantastic voyage where you can discover new places, savor delicious cuisine, and enjoy thrilling activities, all without worrying about passport hassles. Whether you're a first-time cruiser or a seasoned traveler, we've got all the information you need.

In this blog, we'll uncover the magic of passport-free cruising, where you can explore enchanting destinations close to home. We'll also delve into the ins and outs of boarding a cruise ship without a passport so you can plan your next vacation with confidence.

Closed-Loop Cruises

What is Closed Loop Cruising?

Closed-loop cruising, or roundtrip cruising is a type of cruise where your journey starts and ends at the same port, making it a convenient choice for travelers looking to cruise without a passport. You can depart from major cruise cities like Miami, Los Angeles, or New York City. Exploring various destinations throughout the cruise. The key differentiator is returning to your starting point, saving you the trouble of bringing passports, one-way flights, and complex travel plans. 

Can I Cruise Without a Passport?

Yes, you can cruise without a passport with closed-loop cruises, which start and end at the same port. On closed-loop cruises, you can use a passport card, enhanced driver's license, or other accepted forms of identification for your journey. While a passport is often the safest and most versatile travel document, it's possible to enjoy a cruise without one if you plan accordingly and stick to closed-loop itineraries.

The Benefits and Limitations of Traveling Without a Passport

Benefit: Convenience

Cruises without a passport can be convenient for travelers on closed-loop itineraries, starting and ending at the same U.S. port. If you don’t have a valid passport, closed-loop cruises allow you to cruise with other government-issued IDs, saving you the stress of acquiring a valid passport. It's particularly advantageous for domestic travelers and those who want to avoid the potential hassles of passport-related issues during their cruise. However, travelers should check their specific cruise line's policies and be aware that if they plan to visit foreign ports during the cruise, a passport may still be required. Having a passport is generally recommended for international travel and emergencies.

Limitation: Emergencies

In some emergency situations, your cruise may have to stop in a foreign port. Without a passport, this can be a serious problem as you may need a passport to be able to return home. This could mean having to apply for a passport and receive it while out of the country, which can be very complicated.

Limitation: Inconsistent Entry Requirements and Rules

Each cruise line has its own rules and regulations for closed-loop cruises. If you don't know the specific rules for the cruise you are taking, it can cause complications on your cruise with what ports you're allowed to visit. Depending on your cruise, you may not be allowed to visit some of the ports without a passport due to the risk of an emergency where you do not have the proper legal documents. Be sure to look into your specific cruise before booking to make sure you know what the specifications are for your trip.

How to Go on a Closed Loop Cruise

Necessary Documents and Legal Information

For U.S. citizens, one of the most significant legal considerations is the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). Under WHTI, U.S. citizens have the privilege of traveling on closed-loop cruises to destinations like the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada with proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate and a government-issued photo ID, instead of a passport.

This flexibility can be a convenient option for travelers, as it simplifies the documentation process and may save both time and money.  Double-check the specific requirements for your chosen cruise destination, as regulations can vary depending on the itinerary. Being well-prepared with the right documents ensures you can set sail on your closed-loop cruise adventure with confidence and peace of mind.

Travel Insurance Requirements/Recommendations

While closed-loop cruises may allow U.S. citizens to travel with proof of citizenship like a birth certificate and a government-issued photo ID, having comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended, as it provides essential coverage for unforeseen events.

Travel insurance safeguards you against disruptions such as trip cancellations or delays due to unexpected circumstances like severe weather or medical emergencies, ensuring you don't bear the financial burden. Additionally, travel insurance is indispensable for covering unexpected medical expenses while at sea or in foreign ports, offering peace of mind in case of illness, injury, or emergency evacuations. In essence, it's your safety net, ensuring your cruise remains a memorable and worry-free experience, even when traveling without a passport.

TravelGuard has great travel insurance offerings. With many different insurance plans, they are flexible to fit the plan for your cruise vacation and help with any mishaps or emergencies that may occur along the way.

What to Bring on a Cruise if You Don’t Have a Passport?

When cruising without a passport, be sure to bring other forms of government-issued identification, as required by your cruise line. Remember your travel insurance, your cruise reservation documents, and any shore excursion details. In addition to your travel documents, we recommend bringing comfortable clothing, swimwear, toiletries, and any necessary medications. 

Cruise Lines Offering Closed-Loop Cruises

Various cruise lines allow travel without a passport. Below is a list of some of the most popular cruise lines that offer passport-free cruising.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean offers closed-loop cruises to places like Mexico, Canada, and the US. Royal Caribbean boasts world-class dining, incredible entertainment, and family friendly amenities. Their entertainment facilities include theatre productions, live ice skating performances, water shows, casinos, nightclubs, and music bars. To entertain the kids, they have bumper cars, kids clubs, waterslides, and much more.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line offers many different closed-loop cruises you can take without a passport. Carnival Cruises offers passport-free sailing to Alaska, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Cozumel, New England, Canada, The Caribbean, Hawaii, and Baja, Mexico. Carnival Cruise Line is known for its lively, fun-filled atmosphere, appealing to a wide demographic with its affordable, family-friendly vacations. It offers a plethora of onboard activities ranging from water slides and pools to diverse dining options and vibrant nightlife, making it popular for those seeking an energetic and entertaining cruise experience.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises has many closed-loop cruise vacation options available and can be a great option when looking for passport-free cruises.Celebrity Cruises offers closed-loop cruises to the Mexican Riviera to many amazing locations like the Baja desert.

Celebrity Cruises emphasizes a modern luxury experience, combining sophisticated design, contemporary décor, and a focus on culinary excellence. The ships are elegantly designed with modern amenities and artistic touches. The line provides a diverse range of onboard entertainment options, including Broadway-style shows, live music, educational talks, cooking classes, wine tastings, and wellness programs. Known for their high level of customer service, Celebrity Cruises staff are attentive and provide personalized service to ensure a memorable experience for guests.

Celebrity Cruises is perfect for passport-free cruising, find the cruise you're looking for today!

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line offers great passport-free cruising. Voted to be the Best Hawaii Cruise Itinerary, the Pride of America sails round-trip from Honolulu to Big Island, Kauai, Maui, and Oahu.  Norwegian Cruise Line offers guests flexibility and freedom in dining times, seating arrangements, and attire, along with a wide range of entertainment options, including Broadway shows and water parks. The line also features a variety of cabin types, from solo traveller studios to luxurious suites, catering to diverse traveller needs.

Cruise Destinations to Explore Without a Passport

Below is a list of some of the locations you can visit on a closed-loop cruise. 


Celebrity Cruises operates Caribbean cruises departing from Florida, most often out of Fort Lauderdale to places like St. Maarten, Barbados, St. Lucia, and other Caribbean islands. One of Celebrity's most innovative ships is the Celebrity Edge, which travels from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Mexican Riviera

Celebrity Cruises regularly offers closed-loop cruises from California ports like Long Beach to the Mexican Riviera destinations, including Cabo San Lucas and the Baja desert. The Mexican Riviera, a stunning stretch along Mexico's Pacific Coast, is famous for its diverse and scenic destinations. Cabo San Lucas is renowned for its beautiful beaches, water sports, and vibrant nightlife. The nearby Baja desert adds a contrasting landscape, offering unique adventures like desert safaris and exploration of its distinct flora and fauna, complementing the seaside allure of the Riviera.


Norwegian Cruise Line offers passport-free cruises within the Hawaiian islands. The Hawaiian Islands are a paradise of diverse landscapes and cultures, with Honolulu on Oahu famed for its vibrant city life and iconic Waikiki Beach, while the Big Island is known for its volcanic landscapes and diverse ecosystems. Kauai, the "Garden Isle," mesmerizes with its lush greenery and dramatic cliffs, Maui is celebrated for its luxury resorts and Humpback whale watching, and Oahu blends history with natural beauty, home to the historic Pearl Harbor and the famed North Shore surfing beaches.


There are great cruising opportunities from Cape Liberty to Bermuda. You can take a  trip as short as 3 days and 2 nights on board to Bermuda, an idyllic island in the North Atlantic. Bermuda is renowned for its unique pink-sand beaches and a rich maritime history reflected in its well-preserved colonial architecture and the historic town of St. George. Its crystal-clear blue waters, extensive coral reef system, and numerous shipwrecks make it a premier destination for snorkeling, diving, and exploring the vibrant marine life.

Can I Take a Royal Caribbean Cruise Without a Passport?

Yes, you can often take a Royal Caribbean cruise without a passport if you are a U.S. citizen. Royal Caribbean, like many other cruise lines, offers closed-loop cruises that start and end at the same U.S. port while visiting specific nearby countries.

Note that entry requirements and policies can change, so we recommend verifying the specific documentation requirements with Royal Caribbean or consulting with your travel agent before booking your cruise.

Can I Go on a Cruise to the Bahamas Without a Passport?

Yes, you can cruise to the Bahamas without a passport, as long as your voyage starts and ends at the same U.S. port with a Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document. However, it's advisable to check the specific policies of your cruise line, as some might require a passport, regardless. Remember that if an emergency arises that requires you to fly back to the U.S., not having a passport will cause complications. Traveling with a valid passport is always recommended for convenience and unexpected situations. 

Explore the possibility of cruising to the Bahamas without a passport at Your tropical escape may be closer than you think!

Experience Cruises Without a Passport Today

Cruising without a passport opens up a world of possibilities. From the luxury of major cruise lines to the serene landscapes of your destination, every travel enthusiast can find something that fits their cruising needs. Remember to explore various cruise line options, understand the legalities, pack the required documents, and ensure you have suitable travel insurance.

The adventures in places like the Caribbean Sea and Glacier Bay are waiting for you. The question is, are you ready to plunge into a journey, even without a passport in hand? The world of no-passport cruises is waiting to be explored! Book a closed-loop cruise with Royal Caribbean and have the time of your life, passport-free.

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