Ponant 2023 & 2024: Discover Boutique Cruising

Ponant 2023 & 2024: Discover Boutique Cruising

Compare 2023 & 2024 Cruises Around the World from Ponant Cruise Line: a young fleet and innovative technology, offering unique itineraries and personalized service.

Ponant Cruise Line, also known as Compagnie du Ponant, is a luxury French cruise company that operates expedition cruises to destinations around the world. The Ponant fleet consists of eleven ships, including Ponant Explorers and Le Ponant, a private yacht. The cruise line is known for its expedition class ships, which are designed to provide passengers with unique experiences in remote destinations. Ponant's CEO has focused on cutting edge technology to create a unique atmosphere on board their ships, including the innovative Blue Eye lounge, which features body listening sofas and an underwater lounge.

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