Jill Baker

Travel Advisor

I was bitten by the "Travel Bug" long before I started working as an agent. I started off working for a Recyled Paper Greeting Cards company, moving from city to city within Michigan, until I took the plunge into the travel industry full time in 1993.  I started off selling only Las Vegas vacations. A few years later, I capitalized on an opprtunity in the cruise department. That's  where I really found my "calling" and excelled.

Ever since, I have been working on checking places off my "Bucket List" with my husband and family.

I have traveled to Asia, where I rode a Camel; Alaska where I flew in a small plane to get up close and personal with Mt McKinley; Bermuda where I golfed  against the backdrop of the Atlantic, the Caribbean (more times than I remember), Hawaii (where I took a helicopter over flowing lava!), all parts of Europe (6 times) and also have cruised the Canada New England itinerary 2 times.

I love the "Big"ships! Yet, I have also enjoyed the unique experience of my two River Cruises.  

Of course there are a few places left on my list to be visited such as Australia, New Zealand and the Great Wall of China.

My family loves traveling with us, especailly the Grandkids. Our Grandson wants to go back to Alaska for his senior trip and our Granddaughter has her eyes on the Eiffel Tower for hers.

I guess I better keep on working to support my travel habit!

 I appreciate the opportunity to plan yor next cruise vacation with you.

Thank you - Jill

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