Lynn Gajeski

Personal Vacation Planner

  1. List 3 words that describe you: Fun, hardworking, caring
  2. Your favorite travel quote: Life is too short, live it, love it and experience it and all the world has to offer!
  3. Where have you been? US, Caribbean, Canada, Hawaii. Alaska, Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas
  4. Travel Specialties: Disney, River Cruises, All Inclusives, DS, etc. I am a mix of Disney, all inclusives and cruises.
  5. The favorite trips that I have designed: Alaska and Hawaii, the excursions were amazing.
  6. My most memorable travel moments: Zip lining in Hawaii, walking on a glacier in Alaska
  7. Most embarrassing travel moment: Forgetting which way to move my arms while on the zip line and instead of slowing down, I sped up and when I stopped both platforms were swaying!!! I kinda got yelled at for not following directions…oops.
  8. Past jobs and experience I have been in the health care field for the past 40 years and come this July 2016, I will be retiring and making myself more available for all those travelers needing a great vacation planned.
  9. Things you enjoy the most about being a travel professional: Working with the client to make their dream a reality and giving them the best vacation experience possible.
  10. Hidden talents/interests outside of travel: Aside from being a clean freak, and travelling,  I love to work in the yard, go for walks, shop, decorate, and most of all being an awesome grandma to my amazing grandkids! 

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